The mindful MATERIALS Library aggregates product sustainability information while minimizing redundant effort on the part of both manufacturers and designers. mindful MATERIALS is NOT another certification. It is an agnostic product certification library, enabling manufacturers to showcase product transparency and optimization information and industry professionals to search for a multitude of relevant products.

Designed by stakeholders from across the building industry, the mindful MATERIALS Library is a practical product selection tool for design teams needing to incorporate product transparency information into their real-time decisions. Backed by vetting efforts of the mindful MATERIALS Review Working Group, as well as having direct connections to verified data from integrated auditors/certifiers, confidence in mM Library data is strong.

Powered by Origin, the mindful MATERIALS Library is a collaborative solution for communicating and sourcing product transparency and optimization information across the industry. As Origin adds network data partners and mindful MATERIALS adds users, participating manufacturers benefit from reduced information management efforts and increased ROI for certification and transparency efforts.



The mindful MATERIALS Library, powered by Origin, is a freely searchable platform where users can access product data from all participating manufacturers in the mM Library.

Architectural building products with various transparency and sustainability attributes are categorized by:

  • Material Ingredients

  • Environmental Profile

  • VOCs

  • Material Sourcing

  • Social Responsibility

  • Other Transparency Information



The birthplace of the mindful MATERIALS initiative. The Transparency Label – a simple 1 x 4 inch sticker - translating key transparency and optimization information about your product. A&D firms can place labels directly on product binders in resource libraries, making easy to identify products with disclosed or optimized content. A manufacturer must have products in the mM Library to use a mM label on their product binders.

NOTE: The Labels are currently being redefined to better reflect the updated content that mM recognizes, and to make them easier for manufacturers to use. In the interim, manufacturers are encouraged to place the square, mindful MATERIALS Logo on the spine of sample binders that include products/materials which are listed in the mindful MATERIALS Library. The final design for the mindful MATERIALS Label will be defined during Q3 2019 and will be implemented thereafter




mindful MATERIALS is honored to have BuildingGreen as its technical advisory partner. Their industry leading knowledge and research helps ensure that mM content is the best available.

The mindful MATERIALS Library is powered by Origin an international cloud-based data hub enabling material data exchange between manufacturers, auditors, A+D, and industry software. Our Technology Partner, GIGA is proud to support mM by providing the Origin platform as the technology backbone of the mM library to advance the curation and accessibility of transparency information.



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