Why should I use the mindful MATERIALS system and not create my own tool?

The mindful MATERIALS Collaborative was founded on the premise that a unified request for transparency information from manufacturers would be more effective in fostering change in the market. We encourage those who would like to improve the mindful MATERIALS Program to join a mindful MATERIALS Working Group and help the program evolve.



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Who should sign up?

All individuals, regardless of industry, should sign up as members of the Collaborative. Signing up for mindful MATERIALS is free and will always be free. If you are a manufacturer, and want to get your products listed in the Library, you will need to create a company account with Origin



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What does “List as firm contact” mean on the sign up form?

It’s helpful for manufacturers to know the individuals and firms using mindful MATERIALS. If you answer “yes” to “List as firm contact” on the sign up form, this helps manufacturers and other Collaborative members identify like-minded colleagues in their own local design communities. A list will be periodically updated within the mindful MATERIALS Google Drive that lists firm contacts.


As a user, is my information shared with anyone?

We value the privacy of our community and will not share your information with any other entity. You will only receive notifications from mindful MATERIALS directly about program changes and advancements.


Do I need a Gmail account to access the mindful MATERIALS Library?

You will need a google or gmail account to access member resources on the Google drive but not for the mindful MATERIALS Library.








Is there a fee to participate in the mindful MATERIALS collaborative?

There is no fee to participate! There will be time needed to provide thorough and accurate product information. All materials provided to the mindful MATERIALS Collaborative will be dispersed to design firms and partner databases for free. mindful MATERIALS Library analytics and usage statistics are provided by GIGA.

Do manufacturers need to sign up for both mindful MATERIALS and Origin?

Yes, manufacturer’s need to sign up with mindful MATERIALS and also create an account with Origin.


What is Origin and why do I need to create a company account in order to have my products listed in the Library?

Origin is a cloud based international material data hub, which is also the platform that powers the mindful MATERIALS Library. mindful MATERIALS leverages Origin’s cloud software as our database solution to make mindful MATERIALS manufacturer transparency information publicly accessible and searchable.

Once an mM manufacturer creates a company account on Origin and submits necessary product data, their information becomes public on origin.build. Once notified, mindful MATERIALS reviews the data for submission to mindful MATERIALS Library. Once approved, the Manufacturer product transparency information will be searchable in the mindful MATERIALS Library as well as on Origin.


Who should be listed as the primary contact for the manufacturer?

The primary contact should be the person who will maintain the mindful MATERIALS data and make updates when new versions are released. This person will be noted as the primary contact for the manufacturer to all mindful MATERIALS Collaborative Members. They will likely be the first person that our members reach out to with products specific questions.


I have no way to vet portions of my company supply chain. Can we still participate in the mindful MATERIALS program?

The mindful MATERIALS program is based on providing a resource for designers, specifiers and other users to find transparency information. If you are unable to vet your supply chains sufficiently to comply with one of the primary disclosure and optimization options, then it may not be effective to participate at this time.

Creating an account on Origin is always an option. Your materials become immediately accessible to a global building community. As soon as your products obtain mindful MATERIALS approved credentials you can submit for review.


Do design firms expect that a manufacturer will be able to check all the boxes on a Transparency Label?

No, manufacturers are not required to check all boxes on the mM Transparency Label. At a minimum they must be able to comply with one of the boxes in order to participate and use the labeling system.


Who should enter content in the mindful MATERIALS Library?

The content should be filled out by the manufacturer primary contact, preferably by someone qualified to complete the information. Typically this is performed by a sustainability director or a technical specialist. Reps and distributors should not complete the mindful MATERIALS data.


Will we be notified to update our content in the mindful MATERIALS Library?

Manufacturers will be notified via email when mindful MATERIALS Program requirements change. mindful MATERIALS Program updates will also be indicated within the mindful MATERIALS edit view on Origin.


We have product information on other websites. What can we do to simplify our efforts?

The mindful MATERIALS Library is powered by the Origin Hub, that will remain freely available for manufacturers to add content and for AEC to search content. The Origin Hub can also support integrations with third-party material websites like Designer Pages, Portico, and others. Not only does Origin have the capacity to share data with selected third party material websites, Origin also integrates with source data from a variety of Reporting Bodies (Cradle2Cradle, Declare, SCS Global Services, HPD, Portico, etc). This helps streamline data management for manufacturers while ensuring AEC can access accurate, up-to-date transparency information.













What is the mindful MATERIALS Collaborative?

The mindful MATERIALS Collaborative is a group of like-minded individuals from firms and manufacturers who are transforming the building materials marketplace. Collaborative members are users of the mM database.

Who should join the mindful MATERIALS Collaborative?

All individuals, regardless of industry, are encouraged to join the Collaborative. If you specify or procure products, you should join. If you are a manufacturer and curious to see what is in the library, you should join. If you are a manufacturer’s rep and want easy access to your company product information, you should join. If you are a designer and want to make informed, holistic design decisions with the health and well-being of occupants in mind, you should join.


What am I required to do as a Collaborative member?

There are no formal requirements. We do hope Collaborative members will continue to advance the program. Industry initiatives have long since hit a chicken-egg impasse: users won’t use databases without data; manufacturers won’t provide data until a community of users is present. The mindful MATERIALS Program needs engagement to build community and the feedback loops needed to build a successful foundation for both A+D users and Manufacturers.

Collaborative members can continue to advance the program in the following ways:

• Engaging new manufacturers to submit information to mindful MATERIALS
• Advocating for the mindful MATERIALS program in your firm or at conferences – what to do specifically and what tools are available
• Daily: introduce manufacturers who visit your office to the mindful MATERIALS program
• Monthly: Set-up or join local mindful MATERIALS teams or attend Working Group meetings
• Annual: Present or participate in mindful MATERIALS – feedback forums, Industry conference events, engagement initiatives
• Host Manufacturer training sessions at your office
• Hosting and/or sponsoring mindful MATERIALS industry events (contact: events@mindfulmaterials.com)
• Test new features and provide user feedback as a Manufacturer Ambassador contact: help@mindfulmaterials.com

We will have a toolkit with many resources to assist these efforts available soon!


Is it best for firms to designate one primary person to be the Collaborative Member?

No. We recommend that all individuals sign up for their own accounts to the mindful MATERIALS Library.
For manufacturers, within the Origin manufacturer account set-up, we encourage you to input as much company information as possible and as many company contacts.







How do I know who is using mindful MATERIALS in their library?

We recommend letting everyone know about mindful MATERIALS. If they’re not participating, let them know about the program and the benefits it could have for their practice.  


Who provides the labels?

Manufacturers can download label templates directly from their Origin accounts. The label template is provided as an Adobe Illustrator file and can be configured to reflect each manufacturer’s mM-recognized achievements. Automated Labels are also available with optional Advanced Origin licenses.

It is strongly recommended that manufacturers have pre-made labels for their sales representatives.

Who fills out and affixes the labels?

Manufacturers are responsible for filling out and affixing labels. Please coordinate with your local firms prior to labeling to ensure labels are available.


There are many material labels in the market, what is different about the mindful MATERIALS Label?

The mindful MATERIALS Label is not a materials label in the same sense as a Declare Label. The mindful MATERIALS Label is literally ‘a label’ which is affixed to manufacturer’s product binders. It’s just a visual cue for material libraries that help designers identify manufacturers and products with disclosed and/or optimized content.


How do firms utilize the mindful MATERIALS Label and Sticker?

The mindful MATERIALS labels are meant to be placed on product binders within a firm's materials library. The 2” wide labels are affixed to the cover, inside or back of product binders and the 1” x 1” mindful MATERIALS Sticker is placed on the visible spine of the binders.

In order for manufacturers to utilize the 1” x 1” mindful MATERIALS Sticker (logo), they must be able to complete at least one item on the label (they must have some form of disclosed content). For products without binders, it is up to each firm or manufacturer to determine the best way to affix the label.







How do I create an ORIGIN account?

To create an Origin Account, visit the Origin Homepage and click sign-up in the upper right hand corner. You will be asked to add your email address, password, name and company. After signing up a confirmation email with an activation link will be sent to the email address you provide. Note that Origin only supports accounts for suppliers and manufacturers.

If I have trouble using Origin, how can I contact support?

When using Origin, you will see a black button at the bottom right hand side of the screen that says, “Click for help”. Click this button and fill out the form, your note will be sent directly to the Origin Support Team. Or, simply send Origin Support an email.


How can we suggest new content for mindful MATERIALS?

The Content Working Group meets on a regular basis to discuss changes to the mindful MATERIALS program content. If you have suggestions, please email mindful MATERIALS (help@mindfulmaterials.com) and we will review your request. You can also join the mindful MATERIALS Content Working Group as open positions become available. Just notify mindful MATERIALS of your interest.


Who is responsible for inaccurate claims made in the mindful MATERIALS database?

The manufacturer is responsible for all claims identified on their mindful MATERIALS data. We encourage Collaborative Members to mention errors in disclosure with the manufacturer’s primary contact and with mindful MATERIALS.


Who is responsible for updating the database and how often does this occur?

Manufacturers are responsible for keeping their mindful MATERIALS data current. They maintain editorial access to all content they publish to the mindful MATERIALS Library.


How often is the mindful MATERIALS Library updated?

The mindful MATERIALS Program content is updated on an ongoing basis as our Content Working Group approves new content relevant to our members. Manufacturers are encouraged to keep their content updated as things change or as new attributes are added to the program. Notification of expired content or changes will be sent to all members at the time of the changes.


How do I know which products within a manufacturer's binder include transparency information?

The mindful MATERIALS Stickers and Labels help identify manufacturers and products with transparency data. In some cases, there may only be a portion of the contents that comply. Manufacturers are encouraged to identify the product name on the mindful MATERIALS Label. If there are multiple products with varying labels, see the Labeling Guidelines inside the Label Resources folder. Also, members can simply search the mindful MATERIALS Library to review the available information by the manufacturer in question.




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